Welcome to piczle. Where you can create a unique puzzle from your own photo!

Engraved Wood Puzzle

Cool GIFT Idea!

for kids and adults!

Piczle puzzles make a great gift!
Compact and light for travel!
Relive a moment!
Super fun!


How to order your Piczle.

When you place your order, you will be able to upload your photo for the Piczle during checkout. You can order up to four (4) separate Piczles in one order.

Photos must be high-res and have good contrast between light and dark areas. Uploading a full-color photo is best but we can use a black & white version also. If there are any issues with your image that will not allow it to engrave for the best quality we will request another photo.

Create a Piczle!

Piczle is a 4″x6″ wood-engraved puzzle

35 pieces.

Piczlegram is a 5″x5″ wood-engraved puzzle

30 pieces.